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Engineers Without Borders Norway is a Non-Governmental Organisation which contributes with engineering competence in developing projects.
Our vision is to promote development through humanitarian engineering.

Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Norway is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which contribute with engineering and technical competence to projects in developing countries. We partner with other aid-organizations in need of technical knowledge and expertise, where qualified engineers is our contribution into the projects. Our organization’s core values are; integrity, awareness, make a difference and collaboration.

We are one of many national organizations under the Engineers Without Boarders International (EWB-I) umbrella. The first EWB organization was established in France in 1982, and shortly after other countries started to follow. The different EWB organizations are all unique and independent, and work with transfer of knowledge regarding engineering aid-related work, in addition to running national and international projects in developing countries. This includes both recruiting and training of engineers, and also different kinds of project support.

EWB Norway was established February 7th 2011 with help from NITO og Tekna amongst others. Today the organization has a Board of volunteer elected members, an administration in Oslo, and multiple local chapters all over Norway. The administration runs the organization, administer the projects and all of our partnerships.

A close relationship with our partners in the business world ensures that we as an organization can continue to build bridges between technology and aid related work.

All our projects are rooted in local needs and promotes sustainable technology. We work with concrete problems and deliver solutions adapted to the specific project we are working on. Our solutions are owned and operated by the local community and contributes to improving the everyday life of human beings!


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EWB Norway

Engineers Without Borders Norway is an organization for engineers who cares about the world. We work to make engineering expertise and technology available for projects in developing countries.

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