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Digital Oppdragsrapport 26.01: Carbon emissions from emergency hospitals

Warmly welcome to this year's first Digital Report 26th January from 3:15 - 4:15 pm where you can have a closer look at the important work of greening humanitarian response.

Ingvild Wang who works at Rambøll - EWB Norway's bright new gold partner - has for the past mounths  been working on an exciting assignment for the Red Cross project “Greening Humanitarian Response”. 

The assignment aimed to find baseline for carbon emissions for emergency hospitals. With the tool developed in this assignment further steps can be taken to reduce the burden on the environment. Join us on this “Digital Oppdragsrapport” and hear Ingvild Wang (Rambøll Norge, Responsible Sustainability) and Marie Rushfeldt (Norwegian Red Cross, Disaster Risk Management) explain the challenges and possibilities with making the Crises response more Climate Friendly. 

This presentation will be in English. 



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