We celebrated Giving Tuesday with our Corporate Partners!

GivingTuesday is an international movement celebrating generosity and encouraging people to do good. The day is celebrated the first day of December each year. We celebrated the day inviting our corporate partners to a Missing Maps relay.

Generosity and a little bit of competition

The day was divided into three legs with two partners joining each leg. The teams where as follows;

The goal was to map as many buildings as possible during the day. 

We mapped areas in  DRC and Ghana.

To motivate the participants we also made it into a competition on which partner would map the most buildings that day.

Impressive results

During the event we managed to map a total of 4973 buildings.  A great effort from all the participants. 

Congratulations to Multiconsult who won the competition to map the most buildings per company! 

We are proud of our partners and there employees who participated and gave of their time to help get people on the map. 

Thank you for joining us trying to make the world a little better step by step – building by building. 


våre samarbeidspartnere