Water supply and Surface water management, Kenya

We are looking for an engineer to mentor two students on their master’s theses to be written in collaboration with IUG and Eco Moyo Education Center in Kenya. The mentor’s role is complimentary to the student’s supervisor/s at NTNU and will support technical and social/cultural guidance prior to and during field work in Kenya.

Eco Moyo is a private school on the coast of Kenya. The school is situated in Kilifi county, one of the poorest counties in the country. Most children in the area live without electricity and running water. At Eco Moyo, the children receive free education, lunch, school uniforms, books and backpacks.

The water supply situation of Eco Moyo is intermittent, and the school is dependent on water from an unreliable municipal network. A groundwater well has been dug on the school site, but the groundwater is too saline to be potable. Rainwater is also collected from the roof, but there are concerns that this water receives no treatment and could be contaminated.

The students will write two separate theses investigating the following:

1) The first thesis will look at how a safe and sufficient water supply can be developed. This may include measures to improve the water quality in the well, as well as putting in place treatment of stored rainwater. The thesis will also investigate the reliability of the municipal water supply and propose solutions for increasing reliability.

2) How to manage the seasonality of rainfall in the region, which alternates between drought and excessive rain. The thesis will propose sustainable solutions for surface water drainage to ensure the safety of the outdoor areas and buildings. It will also investigate different user cases to utilize rainwater during the wet season.

Practical information

  • Voluntary mission 
  • Location: Home office and short stay in Kenya
  • Start date: Jan-Feb 2022 
  • Duration: approx. 3 months 
  • Position: 20% 
  • Field dates: Beginning of March 2022, 1-2 weeks 
  • A background in engineering or technical related fields relevant to the above investigations
  • Experience in planning and implementing projects in communities that face the same challenges as found in Eco Moyo, Kenya is preferred  
  • Provide practical input and academic guidance  
  • Communication skills in English and Norwegian 
Personal Qualities
  • Shares the same values as EWB-N and the partner organisation and can abide by EWB-N’s ethical guidelines
  • Understanding of the differences that exist in engineering cultures of counterpart countries 
  • Good cooperation skills 
  • Positive and flexible 
  • Creative, ability to think outside the box 
  • Humble and respectful in the encounter with other cultures 
We Can Offer
  • Build a relationship with two ambitious students from NTNU who are approaching the end of their degree and will soon be entering the workforce
  • International experience in an aid/development context 
  • This is a voluntary mission. EWB-Ns missions are based on local needs and ownership, and your contribution will not only aid master students, but have a direct positive impact for the people and environment in Kenya
  • Support to travel to the field with the students 


: Home office and short stay in Kenya

Start date: Jan-Feb 2022

Field dates: Beginning of March 2022, 1-2 weeks

Duration: Approx 3 months

Position: 20%

Application deadline: 05. December 2021



Egil Reksten

Elise Skattum

Project manager

E-mail: elise@iug.no
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