Our projects

Our projects

We deliver engineering expertise and technological solutions to local projects that contribute to a better everyday life for people around the world.

EWB Norway provide technology and engineering expertise to our non-profit partner organizations around the world, through framed projects where our engineers solve specific problems, based on local needs. We contribute on projects both from Norway and in the field.

On this page you’ll find more information about our projects, how you (as an engineer) can contribute to our work, and details about how we cooperate with other non-profit organizations.

Our projects

Since 2011, EWB Norway have been working towards a more sustainable future and a safer everyday life for people around the world. Our engineers participate in both large and small projects, within a wide range of engineering and technology disciplines.

Do you want to apply?

EWB Norway has a structured process for carrying out our projects. Each project is announced to our members, and the best qualified engineer who applies for the position is selected for the task. Only applications which are submitted through our application portal will be evaluated for our projects. Due to capacity reasons we are only able to process applications sent through our recruitment portal, and we are not able to evaluate or store applications and CVs sent to us by e-mail.
For engineers traveling and performing assignments in the field, we provide the necessary training and preparation ahead of the assignment and ensure that the security is maintained through our partner non-profit organization. After completing the assignment, we evaluate the work that has been carried out and carry out a debrief.

Ingeniører som deltar i oppdrag for IUG skal ikke personlig ha noen utgifter i forbindelse med oppdragene, og våre oppdrag varer i 1 til 4 uker.

Gjennom våre oppdrag kan du som ingeniør bidra til FNs bærekraftsmål og hjelpe mennesker å få en bedre hverdag!

Collaboration with non-profit organizations

EWB Norway is always interested in new projects, we encourage aid organizations with technological needs (e.g. within the fields of WASH, renewable energy, mechanical engineering, infrastructure development, agriculture, information technology, earthquake resilience, etc.) to contact us. We seek cooperation with organizations that meet the following criteria:

  • Norwegian organization with a local presence or a partner in the field where the assignment is to be carried out. The main organization must be registered with the Brønnøysund Registery (www.brreg.no).
  • Thorough security and emergency preparedness procedures (a detailed, written security policy is required).
  • The organization is responsible for the management of relevant, long-term development projects in the Global South, grounded in verifiable local needs. 
  • The area where the assignment is to be carried out must be considered safe, and any security risks must be handled in a responsible manner.
  • The financing of the project must be satisfactory. EWB Norway does not contribute to the financing of projects.

Completion of the assignment and implementation of technical solutions shall safeguard the holistic and long-term development of the local community and must be sustainable long after the project is completed. In addition, EWB Norway engineers should never give competitive advantages or affect local markets.

Your organization can meet their need for engineering expertise through cooperation with us! Please contact us for more information.


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EWB Norway

Engineers Without Borders Norway is an organization for engineers who cares about the world. We work to make engineering expertise and technology available for projects in developing countries.

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