Technical Committee

The EWB Technical Committee

The Technical Committee provides technical support to assignments and projects in Engineers Without Borders Norway.

All positions are voluntary and you must be a member of EWB to be part of the Technical Committee. The Technical Committee reports to the Managing Director and consists of the Technical Committee Leader, the Technical Group Leaders for each of the seven focus areas and group members of the respective groups.

Technical Group Leaders and group members provide technical support to assignments and projects as needed.

The workload of each Technical Group will depend on both the number and complexity of assignments undertaken by EWB and is roughly estimated to 2 hours per week. The Technical Groups support the Administration and volunteer engineers before, during, and after assignments.

Typical work tasks for the Technical Groups are:

  • Planning and analysis of needs before assignments

  • Review the competence requirements before posting the advertisement for an assignment

  • Evaluate the technical competence of candidates applying for assignments

  • Represent a professional network available for the volunteer engineers

  • Quality assurance of technical reports

Participation in a Technical Group is not a prerequisite for being able to apply for assignments or contribute to EWB work.

Technical Groups

The Technical Committee consists of the following Technical Groups where you as a member can get involved:

Techincal Group Leader: Rachel Galbrun

The Technical Group covers all water and sanitation related activities and assignments, including ground water, water supply and distribution, water well drilling and hydrological surveys.

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Technical Group Leader: Stanislas Merlet

The Technical Group covers all activities and assignments within the areas of renewable energies such as hydropower, bioenergy, wind, or solar power.

Technical Group Leader: Torbjørn Ådnanes

The Technical Group covers building and construction, infrastructure, architecture, landscape architecture and transport.

Technical Group Leader: Julie Stene

The Technical Group covers activities and assignments related to pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and waste management and disposal.

Technical Group Leader: Gerard Dam

The Technical Group covers all geotechnical issues such as foundations, stability assessments, and ground investigations and analyzes.

Technical Group Leader: John Anders Ingebo

The Technical Group covers activities and assignments related materials technology and mechanics, as well as development of machines and processes with a special focus on HSE and emissions.

Technical Group Leader: Karsten Eskelund

The Technical Group covers all IT-related activities and assignments with the goal of defining when and how IT and digitalization can improve the quality of EWB’s work.


Leader of the Technical Committee: Olivier Baldan
Contact: fagutvalg@iug.no

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