Waste for Warmth

Humanitarian Innovation

Waste for Warmth is EWB’s humanitarian innovation project. EWB works with Field Ready and The Polyfloss Factory as project partners 

Millions of refugees and internally displaced people live in temporary camps with inadequate shelters in the Middle East. Currently, 2.8 million Syrians are displaced living in Northwest Syria. Many of them lack of protection against the increasingly cold winters. Heating shelters are expensive and energy-intensive, and can also be harmful to the health of occupants if they are exposed to toxic fumes released from burning plastic or other materials not intended for use as heating fuel. Today’s solutions rely on the distribution of blankets, stoves and fuel, which in turn increases the cost of living for displaced people, entails increased health risks and can be harmful to the environment. 

The Waste for Warmth project has developed an insulation panel made from recycled plastic using Polyfloss technology, a process that creates fine plastic fibers which has been found to be a strong insulator material. By recycling plastic waste locally, we can produce insulation products that can increase the comfort of displaced people, create local job opportunities, and start to address community waste challenges.  


IUG’s role in the project is to offer technical guidance and participation from the private sector through our network of Norwegian engineering companies and volunteers. This includes assessment and improvement of proposed technical solutions and development of insulation product and field testing. 

The project is supported by Innovation Norway and Norwegian Retailers’ Environment Fund. 

Performance testing of insulation products


Bilde av prosjektleder Holly Miksell

Holly Mikesell

Project manager

E-mail: holly@iug.no
Mobile: 913 39 903


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