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Engineers Without Borders Norway is a non-profit organisation which provides engineering expertise to the development and humanitarian aid sector.

Our vision is Technology and humanitarian engineering for a sustainable and just world.

Engineers Without Borders Norway is a non-profit organisation which makes engineering expertise and technology available for projects in developing countries. We cooperate with development and humanitarian aid organisations by providing technical expertise through qualified engineers. Our work is grounded in four values:

Integrity, Awareness, Making a difference and Collaboration. 

We are one of many national organisations under the umbrella of Engineers Without Borders International (EWB-I). The first EWB organisation was established in France in 1982, and soon after other countries followed suit. The national EWB organisations are independent and unique. We share knowledge on engineering aspects of development work, and initiate and support national and international development projects. This involves both recruitment and training of engineers and project support.   

Engineers Without Borders Norway was established on 7th of February 2011, with assistance from The Norwegian Society of Engineers and Technologists (NITO) and The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals (Tekna). The organisation’s Board members are volunteers. The administration is located in Oslo, and manages projects and partnerships. There are a dozen local branches throughout the country.  

Close collaboration with our corporate sector partners strengthens our ability to act as a bridge between technology and development aid. 

All our projects are rooted in local needs and promote sustainable technology. We tackle technological challenges and deliver solutions customized to the specific project needs. The solutions are owned and run by the local community and contribute to a an improved every-day life. 


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