Engineers Without Borders (EWB) NTNU is a local student department under EWB Norway, located at Campus Gløshaugen, NTNU. Our department consist of a large amount of voluntarily enganged students, ranging in both academic year and field of study. We all contribute weekly to humanitarian aid work parallell to our studies through different works and activites. With several different projects and events we establish new bonds with professors, students and other technologists with a passion for humanitarian aid work.


Admission Spring 2022

We are currently recruiting additional members this spring semester of 2022. Read below for more information on how you can get engaged in humanitarian aid work! Applications will be processed shortly upon recieval, and interviews may be held before the deadline of January 23rd 23:59.

Throughout the spring our department are in the process of changing our operation practices from a solely norwegian local department to an international department. With this we also wish all international students welcome to submit their application, though we must ask for patience and understanding in a time of change.


Members of Kompetanse are responsible for many of our more technical activities, such as Masters with a Meaning, the EWB – project, but also our newest project, The Aid Portal. The final goal of the portal is a functional website which serves as a link between professors with masters and projects related to humanitarian aid work and students interested in the field. In addition, the site will work as a platform for other humanitarian aid related activities. The Aid Portal is now accepting applications for the following responsibilities:

Web developer: 

develop a website from scratch to production

Web designer: 

work in team with web developers to design a new website from scratch

Prior experience with coding and web-design needed. 

Expected workload: 4-5 hours/week



Profilering (PR) work with all necessary elements which makes our local department professionally stand out. Some of the group’s responsibilities are graphic design, promoting events, website, newsletters and operating our social media channels. The group is now accepting applications for the following responsibilities:

Expected workload: 4-5 hours each week 

Social Media (SoME): 

Control of IUG and GridVilles’ social media channels, as well as responsible for producing and posting content

Stand Responsible: 

In charge of organizing stands to ensure IUG’s visibility on campus


Further develop a website for GridVille, produce, update and publish content for our websites, such as newsletters



Økonomi is our marketing group and ensures that the department has sufficient funds for its projects, events, and its general expenses. Through our larger project GridVille, the group is responsible for contact with external sponsors and potential stakeholders, as well as providing the necessary equipment’s and economy for the fulfillment of the project. Members of the group will have a close connection with other groups within GridVille, as well as the group Profilering. The group is now accepting applications for the following responsibility:

Expected workload: 10 hours each week

Marketing Member: 

External marketing and promoting of the project GridVille to students and partners, as well as partial responsibility for accounting.


GridVille – Our Project

GridVille is a unique and larger project of EWB NTNU. The goal of the project is to build an island microgrid on solar and wind, after local conditions which will provide necessary and sustainable green electricity to local societies. The project consists of three main groups, Electrical, Mechanical and Sustainable Design. Both Electrical and Mechanical are now looking for specifically suited applicants which are interested to try out a semester. Prior experience from technical projects is necessary.

Expected workload: 20 hours each week 

Read more about the project here



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