Hjem/Aktuelt/Digital Oppdragsrapport 09.02: STEM Without Borders - teacher training in Kenya

Digital Oppdragsrapport 09.02: STEM Without Borders - teacher training in Kenya

Welcome 9th February from 3-4 pm to a presentation of The Scientist Factory and Engineers Without Borders Norway's pilot project.

To solve pressing global problems, our society is dependent on science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM). The science curricular in Kenya were revised in 2019, and inquiry-based learning through hands-on activities is now on the agenda. EWB-N have years of experience in helping developing communities in their respective countries with engineering projects, and partners involved in running schools in various countries. The Scientist Factory has a deep knowledge on how to teach science using methods that facilitate learning and create long lasting interest in STEM-subjects.

Together we have developed STEM-teacher training for developing countries using the Scientist Factory pedagogy and EWB-N volunteers as teachers.
Join us on Thursday 9th of February from 3-4 pm and learn about our first pilot that took place at 2 schools in Kenya in November 2022, and hear two of the volunteers, Amalie and Marley, share their experiences.

This presentastion will be in English.


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