Hjem/Aktuelt/Webinarer/02.03.23: Digital oppdragsrapport: TRAX Ghana's greenhouse project

02.03.23: Digital oppdragsrapport: TRAX Ghana's greenhouse project

Master student Helene Bergo Nygårdsvik shares her experience and results from fieldwork and her case study of Trax Ghanas’s greenhouse project. Together with her mentor Robert Martinez, she visited Trax Ghana in September/October 2022, as part of IUGs ‘Master med Mening’ program.

A case study of Trax Ghana’s greenhouse project and how project management methods can support their planning phase.

Helene´s thesis seeks to uncover how the non-governmental organization, Trax Ghana, planned its first greenhouse project in the Upper East Region of Ghana. This was conducted by narrowing the analysis to how Trax Ghana planned its bell pepper production, which can provide implications for the overall planning phase. Interpretation of the findings related to their conducted planning phase lays the foundation for guiding how the planning phase can be supported. Establishing appropriate project management methods for the bell pepper production is particularly important as Trax Ghana supports its beneficiaries financially through the sales income from bell peppers. Supporting Trax Ghana’s achievement of its project objectives is the study’s main purpose.

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